Our mission + Vision

Strong Community with deep traditions


The mission of the Baltimore Lithuanian Hall Association:

– Provide a place for educational, cultural, religious, community, social, and sports activities,

– Work in close cooperation with Lithuanian organizations,

– Promotes Lithuanian culture in the Baltimore, MD area, and provide information to Americans about Lithuania,

– actively support the strengthening of democracy and economic reform in Lithuania by sharing the example of the American way of life,

– foster interaction among Lithuanian-Americans within Baltimore and the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as the State of Maryland.

 The Baltimore Lithuanian Hall Association (LHA) offers Americans of Lithuanian heritage a venue that enables them to:

– transmit their culture and language to their young,

– respond to the social, spiritual, educational, and other concerns of Lithuanian Americans of all persuasions,

– assist the country of their heritage with American civic experience, professional expertise, material support, and with other assistance.

Get Involved!

Everyone of Lithuanian descent and their non-Lithuanian spouses can be a member of the Lithuanian Hall Association (LHA). A lifetime membership can be secured with a $25.00 fee.

 When possible, LHA activities are conducted in Lithuanian and/or English, but English-only members are welcome. In fact, LHA is looking for entrepreneurial individuals to start English-speaking sections of the many organizations affiliated with the Lithuanian Hall.

You can get involved in folk dancing (and participate in Lithuanian Folkdance Festivals, such as 2020 in Philadelphia), in singing (people are still talking about the superb 2015 LAC Lithuanian Song Festival in Chicago, IL), learning Lithuanian language and culture (subscribe to Bridges),  participating in sports meets with the Baltimore Athletic Club, enjoying concerts and exhibits by Lithuanian artists. LHA interests are as varied as LHA members and extend across the Atlantic to Lithuania by way of civic and charitable projects. Both dance groups whose home is the Lithuanian Hall traveled to attend the Lithuanian Song & Dance Festival in Vilnius in 2018.

So, add some Lithuanian sparkle to your American life and forge new bonds of camaraderie and friendship with others of Lithuanian descent.