Make a Difference

The Lithuanian Hall was built on the strength of its organizations, its members, and the volunteers who support it.

The Lithuanian Hall runs a once-a-year fundraiser. Save the Date of September 21, 2019 just announced! See Events page for details.

Here you can find additional information about donations. Sponsor an individual campaign.



Interested in becoming a member?

Enjoy access to our DJ nights on Fridays of each month, as well as other Heritage events throughout the year..

To become a member, stop by the Lithuanian Hall any Friday evening between 4pm and 10 pm and speak to the Manager. You will immediately get your membership certificate.



Full Member / $25 Lifetime charge

It is required that you be Lithuanian, married to a Lithuanian, or of Lithuanian descent.


Associate Member / $5 charge Good for one year

You must be sponsored by a Lithuanian or someone of Lithuanian descent.